Even though you may neglect your life,
it never gives you up.

Kongoh Baptist Christian Church 

Senior Pastor Masao Nakanishi

Masao Nakanishi was born in 1945. He believed in Jesus Christ when he was in
his junior year of a high school. He graduated from Osaka Biblical
Seminary. And he started preaching the gospel with a microphone at Kongo
Station from 1975. The building of Kongo Baptist Christian Church was
founded in 1985. The educational building was added in 1999. He served as a
director of Home mission of Japan Baptist Church Association for 20
years. The church sent a youth pastor to Izumi City for outreach. Having an
assistant pastor, he has been ministering 150 church members and reaching
local people.

Assistant Pastor Kenshiro Goto

Kenshiro Goto was born in 1984 at a pastor's family as the eighth of twelve
children. He graduated from Tokyo Christian University in 2008.

He served at Nerima Baptist Church as a staff member. And he studied English
in New Zealand in 2009. Now he works as an assistant pastor at Kongo Baptist
Christian Church.