Even though you may neglect your life,
it never gives you up.

Kongoh Baptist Christian Church 

Worship Service

Sunday First Service AM9:00 Second Service AM11:15

You will find joy to live and strength to persevere hardship through a Bible message and worship songs to God in a bright atmosphere.

Prayer Meeting 

Wednesday PM 19:30-20:30

You can taste the richness of the Bible truths and pray with others.

Prayer Meeting for ladies 

Friday AM 10:30-12:00

Learning familiar issues with ladies from the Bible in a friendly atmosphere and a time to pray.

Early Morning Prayer Meeting

Tuesday to Saturday AM 6:00-6:30

You can start a day with a blessing of God's Word and a prayer.

Joy Joy Club (Sunday School)

Sunday AM 9:00-10:00

It is a Church School from small children to the sixth grade. We learn about God with their heart and bodies by using games and songs.

Teenager Class

Sunday AM 10:15-11:00

It is a class for students from the seventh to twelfth grade. We love singing worship songs and talk about familiar topics on the basis of the Bible.

The A.C.T.I.V.E (Youth Group)

Sunday PM1:00

It is a class for young adults over eighteen years old. We have a discussion by using a Christian bestseller book, and this class enables us to deepen a relationship with (God and) others with worship songs and prayers.